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anyport Driver refused me entry to my road as in school pick up and shouldn’t have been parked in road anyway. The child was I. Front seat with no car seat.. when I called car miles they advised they had no bookings so the mother had picked there child up and not restrained properly plus difficult with me. Car miles were disinterested on how their drivers use or treat children police and school have been informed anyport
anyport I rang new Carmiles at 18.14 and booked a cab from peacocks in town center to 4 bishop avenue. The person I spoke to was Toni. I rang again at 18.28 to inquire how long it will take and a younger girl answered and said she couldn’t find the booking but she will book another one. I asked her how long and she said 10-15 mins. It was cold out being January so I went to wait near a shop to keep warm. I rang again at 18.40 and Toni answered the phone and shouted at me saying the cab came and left and she won’t send another one. I told her I didn’t get any notification and I was waiting right nearby. She said because the first call wasn’t on the record, a call she took, they didn’t do a call back. I explained I’m disabled and I needed to get home. As I was explaining what happened calmly asked me to stop talking and told me to call 247. I rang again and she basically hung up on me. I rang again to ask her name to make a complaint hence how I know it was Toni I’m a disabled person who relies completely on taxis as I can’t drive and have mobility issues. I don’t have any family to help me. Why does this company think it’s okay to treat people like this. If there is not going to be a call back, customers should be informed. It’s cold out there so I was waiting in marks and Spencer for a call. I wasn’t my fault that the call wasn’t registered the first time. I have the call log as proof that I spoke to new car miles at 18.14 for 30 secs. I am going to make a complaint to the council as well because to treat someone disabled like this is cruel behaviour. I could understand if I was shouting or drunk, I’m a disabled person who just needed to get home. This is just horrible behaviour to someone who is extremely vulnerable. anyport
anyport Please praise this taxi driver. He was so kind and even though I am anxious around people I found him easy to talk to. Definitely the nicest taxi driver I’ve met. The number on the back of the seat said 190 if that identifies them better. anyport
100 Battle Road - 19 Baldslow Road
anyport Not having used a taxi for years I was impressed with the text messaging to make me aware the taxi, with its registration details, was on its way. Great safety feature and very efficient service. They were extremely polite considering I had left left my phone on silent. Very happy to recommend and will definitely use again. Cheers. anyport
Don Harris
anyport Absolutely brilliant and amazing cab firm. stranded when out in Hastings with a friend who I’d come to see. Other cab firms had over 1 hour wait. This little gem of a firm picked us up and got us safely home in 15 mins. Completely brilliant thank you Carmiles anyport
Nykki Hetherton
anyport All the drivers I had while I was in Hastings were brilliant. Can't fault any of them. And the female operater that I got on one occasion I phoned was just amazing, so down to earth with a great sense of humour. When I got off the phone I felt like I'd just been talking to one of my best friends. It was sooo what I needed at the time and gave me a great lift from what was a really hard time at that time. I would highly recommend. anyport
Charlie Rolstone
St. Leonards
anyport Arrived on time, lovely clean car. Price reasonable. Fantastic service anyport
Khaled S
anyport Staff on the phone line are always so lovely! Taxis are quick and friendly! Better than 247 anyport
Chloe V